The wonderful Buddhist art at the Yungang Grotto.
Performer at the Thousand Buddha Caves
Amazing view from the top of a mountain in Tibet
It seems mopeds are the transportation of choice in Kashgar.
Amazing view of the Taihang Mountains
I had a couple extra shadows when these two little girls discovered...
Beautiful view before the water show begins in Xi'an at the Big Goo...
Greeted by a breath-taking waterfall at the Taihang Mountain Wangma...
Surreal moment at the Chang Family Mansion
Witnessing real artists capture a beautiful moment
Horseback riders in the Sangke Grasslands.
Curious group of Uyghur men outside Id Kah Mosque.
Nighttime view of Seoul from Namsan Tower.
View of the city in Urumqi, China
Even though I couldn't understand a word they were saying, I knew w...
Kashgar man sculpting his hand-made bowls
They need to make a shirt that says "I took the cable car on the Gr...
An incredible sight in Beihai Park.
Smoggy day at Beihai Park.
Uyghur baby caught by surprise
Chaotic day at the Sunday Livestock Bazaar
Uyghur girl throwing up a peace sign
Tajik children watching people perform the traditional Eagle dance
Arabic style Mosque in Linxia
Sunset in the Taklimakan Desert.

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