Perquine Falcon Landing on Sandy Point Lighthouse
Color Guard at Air Force Graduation Ceremony
Philadelphia from aboard the USS New Jersey
New York City Skyline and One World Trade Center
Scouts Hiking to Order of the Arrow Meeting
Just Being Silly at Kid Brothers Birthday Party
Number 58 with the ferris wheel in the background
Blue Heron taking a break on the observation deck
My two sons demonstrate making leather hatchet covers in pioneer da...
My nephew crying in his mothers arm because his big brother was get...
My son,a staff member, deep in thought before boy scout camp starts...
Overgrown fence at bottom of ranch property.
Osprey landing on its nest on Melita Island.
Photogenic deer at the Melita Boy Scout camp.
Marveling at former maritime navigation assistance on the bay.
Visiting the St. Michaels Maritime museum and found a piece of form...
Had the honor to participate in a flag retirement ceremony at Melit...
Melita Island Boy Scout Camp flag ceremony.
Drove around on my ATV taking scenic pictures near the Ranch I used...

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