Mountain mist back lit by a morning sun.
A man trekking along an off-the-beaten trek rugged terrain of a mou...
Three beach goers admiring three topless women sunbathing.
An interesting shot of a giraffe couple in the zoo.
Seagulls flying over Inle Lake.
Goats walking along a winding road in a warm evening.
The lines and patterns of terraced rice fields.
Women carrying offerings on their heads in a temple.
"Fire in the sky" A colourful after glow at dusk over paddy fields.
"Myanmar beauties" Myanmar maidens watching sunset on U Bein bridge.
"Rugged trail" Mount Bromo blanketed by ashes after its eruption.
Novice monks having meal in monastery.
"Meal time" A woman having a bowl of noddles in market place.
A tatooed monk drying his robes after bath.
A young Chinese boy with musical instrument.
Colourful farmlands bathed in warm light.
Vietnamese women waiting for fishing boats.
Kids welcoming their daddy back from sea.
"Winnowing paddies" Myanmar farmers winnowing paddies.
"Serene silhouette" A silhouetted monk against Shwedagon temple in...
"Misty morning" Myanmar man fishing in Inle Lake at sunrise.
"Misty journey" Villagers travelling by boat in misty dawn.
"Shwedagon at dawn" Golden Shwedagon Paya glowing at dawn.
"Fishermen at work" Vietnamese fishermen fishing with net at dawn.
"Early risers" Fishermen in Guilin, China lighting lamps for fishi...
Vietnamese woman at a hardware stall.
A tired Vietnamese woman napping at market place.
A street scene at Ho Chi Minh city.
Native kids having fun in water.
Mount Bromo bathed in warm morning light.
A young girl looking up at a mural.
A novice monk enjoying sunset on U Bein bridge.
Two monks looking out of a grilled window.
A boy playing with water in tea-coloured river.
A tourist having a leisure horse ride.
Breathtaking view of Mount Bromo at sunrise.
A beautiful landscape in Ngadisari, Java, Indonesia.
A family passing by a fashion billboard.
A masked Balinese boy and the mystical creature Barong.
A smiling Balinese boy wearing a flower in his ear.
Reflection of dusk on the glass of a building.
A solitary coconut tree framed by a seaside boulder.
The music is unbearable for the chief of Balinese Gamelan musical t...
Two tourists taking pictures of U Bein bridge.
Fishermen harvesting their catch at dusk.
Curious crowd watching a monkey drinking a canned drink.
Tourists left their marks on cactus plants.
A thirsty monkey enjoying his drink.
Tourists getting ready for para sailing on the beach.

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