Lion under stormy skies in Tanzania
View from Contacuzino Castle, Romania
Interior of the Reykjavik concert hall
Fisher people at the Santa Monica Pier
Solar power plant in the Mojave Desert
Photographer shooting the Grand Canyon in winter
Landscape at Hawaii Volcanos National Park
Lava landscape at Volcanos National Park
Short-finned pilot whale in the Galapagos
Taking a selfie with a llama at Machu Picchu
Working at the Salineras salt pans in Peru
On their homebuilt boat in Copenhagen
Reykjavik watching a football match
Admiring a classic 1947 Chevrolet at the Glendale CA Cruise Night
Along the road between Alpine and Study Butte, Texas
Rocks and plants in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Arthur Beesley's Photos on the Map

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