A Scottish highland cow and his furry jacket.
A quiet sunrise in the Russian countryside.
A group of alpine goats cheekily blocking the way.
The dramatic Black Cuillin on the Isle of Skye.
Glacial rivers from the Bezengi Wall.
A cow herder's morning in Azerbaijan.
The Vardzia monastery complex in Georgia.
Sunrise at Khor Virap Monastery
The plane wreck on the black sand beach.
The lighthouse in the mist.
Deserted brick kilns in Ruskeala.
Boats waiting for the storm to end in a sheltered bay.
Milky Way over the small village of Ushguli.
The White Gates under the Milky Way.
The Flying Scotsman on the Forth Bridge
An Azerbaijani refuge in Armenia.
Northern Lights at Stokksnes, Iceland
An alpine goat overlooking the oncoming storm.
Glencoe mountains reflected in a lake.
Northern Lights in the Russian Arctic

Anton Andreev's Photos on the Map

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