Elephant seal pup gets struck by a wave on South Georgia
A young Japanese macaque swims across a geothermal pool in the Japa...
A pair of King Penguins explore the abandoned whaling station of Gr...
Moulting Elephant seals on South Georgia
Antarctic fur seal mother and her newborn pup at Grytviken, South G...
Rockhopper penguin off the coast of Sea Lion Island, Falklands
Young Elephant seals swimming next to old seal-catcher in South Geo...
Antarctic tern flying past a rusty old sealing boat in South Georgia
Southern Elephant seal inside the wreck of the 'Louise' at Grytvike...
A child mourns the loss of his football at the quayside in Dubrovnik
A boy contemplates the fire at a festival in Japan
Young Elephant seal in South Georgia
Japanese macaque soaking in a geothermal spring
Japanese macaque climbing out of a geothermal spring
A businessman stroking a kitten at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Japan
Visitors brave a blizzard to explore the old whaling station of Gry...
Japanese religious ceremony in Kyoto
A boy admires a whale shark at Osaka Aquarium

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