A lioness emerges from the tall savanna grass.
Spanish moss forms a canopy over the walkway through the Okefenokee...
Like Glass - Reflections of the sky on the Amazon River
An Andean girls walks among the ruins of Chincheros, Peru.
An Andean girl walks in the shadow of the Incas at Chincheros ruins.
A big wet kiss from one of the residents at Giraffe Manor.
Nursery babies at the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
Playing hide and seek with one of the friendly residents at Giraffe...
An angel stands among the spanish moss in a southern cemetery.
A lioness looks for lunch while nervous topi lurk in the background.
Rowing through the flooded lakes of the Amazon jungle.
Two young Masai girls in their village outside of Amboseli National...
Look Closer - Two cheetahs rest in the shade of a single acacia tre...
Gearing up for Halloween at Historic Oakland Cemetery
A breath-taking view of the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu.
Mausoleum at Historic Oakland Cemetery - Atlanta, GA
Classic car show at Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA.

Anna Benifield's Photos on the Map

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