Snail On A Browneyed Susan Native American Rudbeckia Flower
Tennessee Box Turtle Getting A Little Sun
Tennessee Assassin Bug, Microtomus Purcis: Catching Its Prey
Tennessee Assassin Bug Eating a Bee For Lunch
Dragonfly of Tennessee: Loving Every Photo Opportunity
Tennessee Dragonfly: Here Is Looking At You
Baby Pygmy Rattlesnake: Sistrutus Miliarius In Palmyra Tennessee
The Beautiful Luna Cat Accented By Nature
Natural Rain Drops of Glitter in Palmyra Tennessee
Arachnid Eating Breakfast In Palmyra Tennessee
Caterpillar Having Breakfast In Palmyra Tennessee
A Little Bug With Big Attitude In The Large Forest, Palmyra Tennessee
Summer of The Tennessee Butterfly
Peek A Boo I See You: Flower Blooms After a Light Rain With a Small...
Beauty of a Bugs Life on a Prunus Avium in Palmyra Tennessee
A White Flower in Full Bloom Spring is Here in Tennessee
Rain Drops of Yellow in Palmyra Tennessee
Never Forgotten, American flags being placed on Memorial Day.

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