A young Himba woman nurses her child in Namibia.
Village women enjoy a traditional dance in the Solomon Islands.
Villagers do a traditional dance in the Solomon Islands.
A young village girl in her canoe in the Solomon Islands.
The milky way in the sky above Little Kulala Camp in Namibia
A spine-cheek anemone fish peeks out from the safety of it's host a...
The dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia.
A lone giraffe crosses the plains in Kenya.
A whale shark swims in the blue water in Mexico.
A diver photographs a whale shark in Mexico.
Ostriches on a ridge in Kenya.
A line of ostriches cross a ridge in Kenya.
Light sculptures on the park grounds surrounding the Burj Khalifa t...
An African spoonbill fishes as the sun rises in Botswana.
A group of white tip reef sharks rest under a table coral in Indone...
An anemonefish takes cover in it's host anemone.
Atlantic sailfish hunt for sardines in the waters off of Mexico.
A school of jacks swirls in the waters of Tulamben, Bali.
An elephant enjoys a snack while keeping a close eye on us only a f...
Wildebeest make the precarious Mara River crossing during the great...
A Masai woman keeps a watchful eye on the Manyata ceremony taking p...
Juvenile white tip reef sharks come into the shallows to feed as re...
A local tribe dances for tourists at a lodge in Rwanda.
A gecko waits for insects to fly into a paper lantern in a Balinese...
A SCUBA diver exploring a cave in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

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