Reflections of trees during the spring flood in central Russia.
Wet asphalt. Occasional trips to Tobolsk
With reflection. Occasional trips to Tobolsk
The citadel. Occasional trips to Tobolsk
Malay wedding poses at the entrance of Masjid Sultan in the Arab di...
First snow in Transylvanian village
The main square of Tobolsk, Russia
Filipino beggars meet a ferry in the port of Cebu
A Russian Orthodox priest walks down from the river ship carrying a...
A snowfall in Caucasus mountains
A bear at the South Kuril islands
People walk up the ladder to the river ship at the sunset
South Kuril islands at the sunset
The wild horse herd at the Kunashir island
Two roosters at the cockfight arena
Night in a Medieval citadel
Filipino men at the cockfight backyard before the competition
Autumn on the South Kuril islands
A Mangyan girl in front of the Catholic church in the highland vill...
Shamans' ceremony in Tuva, Russia
A Filipino girl swims with a bowl of fish helping her parents
A storm at the Pacific ocean coast
A fisherman family dries fish on the beach of Bulalacao
Shamans of Tuva. Morning pray
A sea beggar meet the ferry in the port of Cebu
A reindeer man in the tundra of Yamal peninsula
The Stolbchatyi cape. South Kuril Islands, Russia
The baptism ceremony in Russian village
A Filipino boy swimming at the port of Puerto Galera
Winter beginning on the Far North
A small fish in the net of the floating fish farm, kelong, in Singa...
A small fish in the net of the floating fish farm, kelong, in Singa...
The spring flood on the Oka river at night.
A frog on the spring flooding water of the Oka river.
Traditional Nenets dwelling at polar night in the tundra
Northern winter in the tundra of Yamal peninsula.

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