Two Chukchi women prepare a dead body to cremation in the tundra by...
M. Shpanberg's lighthouse in the moon light
Small settlement on the coast of Baikal lake
Kyrgyz graveyard through a window in a clay house
The old Kyrgyz couple milking mares on the pastures near Song-Kul lake
Chukchi man in the end of traditional Chukchi funeral ceremony. Peo...
Chukchi girl on a just caught walrus
Chukchi woman dyeing reindeer skins
Kyrgyz boys riding a donkey
Old couple. From series "World War II Veterans"
Old woman. From series "World War II Veterans"
Seagulls catch fish in the lights of the fishing ship
Dead tree on the volcano ash field
Morning light after the snowfall
Snowfall in the Northern Caucasus mountains

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