Walking, Climbing the Great Wall of China
Grand Canyon, more then just a big hole in the ground.
Taking a beautiful walk around Sedona, Arizona
Student Ambassadors touring around China
Taking a beautiful walk around Sedona, Arizona
Broken Porcelain doll look with Sammy Barger
Chinese women are skilled artist, doesn't just make you amazed by t...
Art is the element of life, this Chinese woman is skilled enough to...
Classical wedding ring with the original newspaper article, back in...
park your bike in China
Christmas Tradition, hanging up light for the holidays
Sun shinning, through the forest trees of Devils tower national park.
Flowers are meaningful, fun spirit lifting objects that decorate o...
China Pottery, Amazing the talent these women withhold
Student Ambassadors traveling to China, learning about the history,...
Lighting a candle in loving memory of my Uncle Kenny, Tradition

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