The usual fog covering up the Transamerica building
Looking out the window on an airplane on the way to California
My friend had a sociology project of "breaking social norms" and de...
Girl running up the stairs at Kennesaw Mountain National Park.
There is nothing better than visiting family in a small town
Fun week spent with my brother in Athens, GA
Collage of pictures in a picture taken in Little Five Points, Atlan...
Walking around my parent's hometown with my cousin.
Taking pictures of my great friend who just so happens to look like...
Taking senior pictures for my friend from soccer.
My cousin's son after "bath time" in a lake in the adirondacks.
My neighbor's chameleon I was pet sitting for.
Flower ready to bloom in my neighbor's yard.
Saw hundreds of birds on my street on an erie cloudy spring day.
Toad I found on my deck on a cool spring day.

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