Crossing the Niagra River by cable car
Carriage Rides waiting for customers at Central Park.
Tablet placed where Our First President was sworn in.
Original Paramount Building still stands right here in New York.
"OLD GLORY" painted on the side of a building in The Bronx.
People crossing a bridge in Central Park, N.Y.
"Santa" Greeting the Christmas Season for 2009, at the end of the T...
Observing the growth of the "Freedom Tower", at Ground Zero.
Visiting "Groud Zero Memorial". Ten Years Later.
Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee.
Climbed the Mountain to see the city of Jerusalem.
People from all walks of life who came to see the special memorial ...
Hallmark's Christmas Star in the center of Fifty Seventh Street and...
Searching for the Seals of the Americas.
Old man resting in the park in the town of Hebron.
Visit to Nazareth, the Birth Site of "Jesus".
People going to buy "N.Y.C.Dirty Hot Dogs", from a pushcart.
Going on the Staten Island Ferry for a ride. Something is missing....
People praying the Wailing Wall. Men pray at one side, Ladies on t...
Looking at the Dome of the Rock in the Old City.
Tourists from all over the world visiting New York.
Flying over The Bronx, N.Y.
9/11 Memorial Flag showing our American Symbol of the Bald Eagle.
Strolling along the city looking for unsual things or places.
Looking at the Horse Shoe Falls from the tower. Summer 2008.
People come from every where to see Times Square at night, when th...
Old man walking with his donkey.
Images of well known Yankee Ball Players, in a handball court near ...
People walking through the shops on the way to the Via Dolorosa.
A Crane visiting my sister's backyard in Florida.
Reading "Traffic Signs" in New York City. Which way do we want to go?
Visiting "Strawberry Fields". Dedicated to John Lennon for his bea...
Celebrating Air Force Week.
Celebrating Air Force Week
Group wearing the Dominican Republic flag during Parade.

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