A snowy day at Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park.
A murky pond reflects Yosemite falls on a hot California day.
Parakeets sit in a cage by a busy Shanghai street.
A pagoda overlooks a lake of lily pads at the Emperor's Summer Pala...
A pagoda stands in the distance at the Emperor's Summer Palace in B...
The streets of Berlin on a rainy day.
Children Play in the Streets of Beijing
A world of graffiti brings a wall to life in Berlin.
A beer advertisement juxtaposes graffiti on a city wall in Berlin.
The shadow of a tree creeps up a cliff on a late Yosemite afternoon.
A California redwood stands tall in a Yosemite snowstorm.
The shadow of a tree creeps up a cliff on a cold Yosemite morning.
Behind his wares, a butcher sits along with his family on a hot Sha...
People relax at a pool overlooking Barcelona on a hot summer day.

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