travelling with a fishing boat in Eastern Greenland
Growler floating in the icy sea near Nordaustlandet
Fabio play music to the husky dogs during a ski trekking
night camp during the ski trekking
Little auk colony on a massive scree slope, Ingeborgfjellet, Svalbard
Travelling in the Buddhist world. Buddhist people prostrate themsel...
Young polar bear eating a whale carcass
Polar bear talking with a gull, Svalbard
51.000 sandstone statues of Buddha in 53 Yungang grottoes. Is one o...
Trekking Tasiilaq to Paornakajt - March/April 2009 Paornakajt camp
young monk that undisturbed had fun with the cat's cradle game inst...
The families live from hunting and fishing polar bears, seals, cod...
The Holy Kora of a tibetan with her horse
Driving to the end of the world
Walking with the cows from summer pasture to the village
Follow the Eric the Red's viking tracks
Shared cheese at the end of summer in Sigriswil
Dressing for the traditional Swiss Carnival
Sharing cheese at the end of the summer in Sigriswil
The church of Sant Ambrogio of Negrentino display a Romanesque arch...
Monks have a rest in Eastern Tibet
What do you think little child?
Inuit fishing cod durinfg the winter in Greenland
The medieval tower of Redde (13th century) emerges among the trees.
The Klaus procession of Kssnacht is one of the most impressive St. ...
Descent from the summer pastures. Cowherds in traditional costume r...

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