Temples awash in lanterns
Wandering the streets of Paris.
Walking down the Champs-Elysees
View of the Cedar Street Bridge in Sandpoint, ID.
St. Martin's Church in Colmar, France.
An afternoon at the Vincennes Castle.
Deserted morning outside the Louvre.
My dad helping my grandmother into the pond for a swim.
Ducks trying to stay cool in the summer heat.
Catching a woman walking home in Paris.
Catching a rainbow while driving up White Bird Grade.
Peering through giant driftwood on Payette Lake in McCall.
Afternoon run through the sprinkler at Hells Gate State Park.
Out on an early morning walk in the Arboretum at the University of ...
Albino peacock struts its stuff at Fontainebleau.
A sudden sea of Rollerbladers in Paris.
Orb Weaver getting into the raspberry bushes.
Nuns on their way to church in Paris.
Curious boy watching albino peacock at Fontainebleau.
My grandmother heading down to the pond for a dip.
Wandering the streets of Boston, I stumbled across this confused pa...
Doorway in an alley in Moscow, ID during a winter warm spell.
Observing wind turbines through the gaps in the Washington Stonehen...
A colorful collection of bras air-drying in the sun.

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