A volunteer helps a small swift to fly.
Recovering European bison in Spanish pastures
Worker selecting tobacco leaves in a small company
Villager of Laredo taking flowers for celebration.
Scotch Whisky Ambassador holding differnts whisky mixtures.
María poses with a mask protesting on Palomares Disaster.
'Love-birds' sculpture at outdoors art gallery of 'La Aldea'.
Fireworks during 'Rapa das bestas' old tradition.
Rider on horse during 'Las Luminarias' ancient custom.
Inhabitant of Armejún village at Celtiberian Mountain Range.
Romana is the only inhabitant of the Village.
Gathering wild horses during 'Rapa das bestas' tradition.
Blind Iberian wolf at Central System Nature Reserve.
Tree reflected on Manzanares River at Montes del Pardo
Horse jumping a bonfire, Las Luminarias old custom.

Adrián Domínguez's Photos on the Map

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