A woman waters her lawn in South Los Angeles.
A Mariachi tries to lure customers at Mariachi Plaza, Los Angeles.
Scooteristas repair a Vespa at a scooter rally in Bali.
A young student sits pensively in a classroom window.
A homeless man in Skid Row, Los Angeles finds a seat on a street cu...
A woman steps out into the early morning streets of Bangkok.
Shelter from a monsoon in Penang, Malaysia.
A monk studies beneath drying robes in Mandalay, Myanmar.
Two young monks balance on a single swing in Mandalay, Myanmar.
A young monk sleeps on a bridge over a canal in Myanmar.
A monastic student gazes from a classroom window in Mandalay.
Thanaka on the face of a young student in Mandalay.
Nanda waits at the gate of Phaung Daw Oo monastic school to give al...
A Burmese student draws a flower in chalk on a blackboard.
A group of Burmese students crowd together for a portrait in a Mand...
A monastic student gets help on school work from a peer.
A student hangs on a windowless door at school in Mandalay, Myanmar
Young monks in Mandalay, Myanmar watch soccer from a rooftop

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