A blue heron gazes out at the world
A nighttime heron gazes out at the Chesapeake Bay
A cormorant swims in the golden waters of the Chesapeake Bay
A Chesapeake Bay cormorant spreads his wings
Up close with a majestic Chesapeake Bay blue heron
A baby squirrel savors a snack in the tree nest
A baby squirrel watches the world go by from his nest
Two baby squirrels greet the world from their nest
Head shot of a majestic blue heron resting on a seawall
A mother squirrel guards her young with a menacing glance
A Chesapeake Bay heron takes a stroll at the United States Naval Ac...
The famous Crim Dell Bridge at the College of William and Mary
A desert-seasoned dog runs his course in ancient Sky City, New Mexico
A Chesapeake Bay heron stands triumphant on his post at dusk
Wild horses graze serenely in the Sandia Mountains
Chesapeake Bay heron stands in the spotlight as dusk descends at th...
A rare white peacock struts her stuff in a magical wood north of Al...
A day in the life of a New Mexican llama
A teddy bear guardian for an old infant grave at the United States ...
A solemn march: America's midshipmen with their guns
A squirrel enjoys an ice cream cone at the United States Naval Academy
Fixing the mast in America's "Sailing Capital"
The nation's midshipmen test their sculling skills.
"All hands on the mast" -- A shipmate on duty
A day in the life of the United States Naval Academy.
Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy haul in their oars.
The nation's midshipmen test their rowing skills on a sun-drenched ...
A shipmate's perilous perch at the end of the mast as she adjusts t...
A workman in a hardhat stares down from the edge of a high roof.
An iconic statue of the dignified Native American on America's "Mai...
Police officer entering state office building behind statue of firs...

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