William Root House Museum & Garden

80 N Marietta Parkway NW, Marietta, GA 30060 - United States



Visit the oldest surviving house in downtown Marietta and get an authentic look at daily life in antebellum Georgia. This modest house is more typical of its time and place than the grand plantations and columned mansions popularized by ‘Gone With the Wind.’


Visitors to the museum will learn the story of the house, the Root family, and life in antebellum and Civil War Georgia. Tours include opportunities for visitors to actually handle historic artifacts and to test their skills with various 19th century games.

Using electronic touchscreens, visitors can analyze historic records, family photos, archaeological information, and more. These primary resources help explain how the Root family lived, and how the house has evolved over time.

Outside, the garden reflects the horticultural practices of the mid-19th century. Each plant has been researched for availability in Georgia at the time the Root House was built.


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