Uncle Remus Museum

214 South Oak St., Eatonton, GA 31024 - United States




The Uncle Remus Museum consists of old log cabins to represent old slave cabins similar to the one occupied by Uncle Remus , the character made famous in the folklore tales of author Joel Chandler Harris who was born in Putnam County. The World of Uncle Remus is captured in shadow boxes containing delicate woodcarvings of “de critters” humanized by the author.

". . . it is a great blessing to a young fellow in the clutches of poverty to be raised among such people as those who lived in Eatonton when I was a boy, and whose descendants still live there. I have not the slightest difficulty in the world in referring all that I have ever done or hope to do to the kindly interest which the people of Eatonton took in my welfare when I was too young to know of the troubles which inhabit the world by right of discovery or possession.”
— Joel Chandler Harris


Exhibits on display include critter tale vignettes, first edition of Uncle Remus stories, photographs, paintings, a recreation of Uncle Remus’ fireplace where he told the stories to the little boy, Civil War memorabilia, artifacts from the 1800-1900 period.

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