The Museum at Bethel Woods

200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY 12720 - United States





The Museum at Bethel Woods, located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, explores the unique experience of the Woodstock festival, its significance as a culminating event of a decade of radical cultural transformation, and the legacies of the sixties and Woodstock today.

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In addition to its Main Exhibit, The Museum presents:

2020 Special Exhibit: Lights, Color, Fashion: Psychedelic Posters and Patterns of 1960s San Francisco
This exhibit showcases a phenomenal ensemble of San Francisco rock posters and fashion from the kaleidoscopic years of 1964 to 1972 gathered by collector Gary Westford. Highlights include rock posters by all of the “Big Five” poster artists and light show by renowned San Francisco light artist Bill Ham to immerse the senses.

Crocheted Connections: Embracing Bindy
In 1969, the Bindy Bazaar was a marketplace and trail system that acted as the heart of the Woodstock festival. To celebrate this aspect of festival history and bring to life the art, craft, and sense of joy embodied by the Bindy Bazaar and the Festival itself, Bethel Woods presents a large-scale public art installation located in the historical footprint of the Bindy Bazaar Trails.

3 Days of Peace & Music: The Performers of The Woodstock Festival
Featuring vignettes on each of the 32 groups that performed at Woodstock, this semi-permanent exhibit tells the story of each group pre- and post-Woodstock. From Richie Havens' opening performance to Jimi Hendrix's rousing closing performance, learn how each of the bands left a lasting impact on music and popular culture.

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