The Historic Butler House Museum

380 E Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 - United States





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The Butler House, built in 1923 by Jack and Alice, Butler is one of the oldest homes in Deerfield Beach. The Butler family was the largest land owner-farmers in the area. The home contains original furnishings and a highlight is the 100 year old banyan tree in the backyard. Also located on the property is a “Kester Cottage” that was moved to the Butler location in recent years. The Kester Cottage is an example of the type of housing in which the average citizen of Deerfield Beach lived in early Deerfield Beach. The cottage is also furnished with original household furnishings.

After both Jack and Alice died and on the sale of their estate an endowment for graduating Seniors from Deerfield Beach High School was established. Deerfield Beach High School is one of two public high schools in the country to be endowed and the Butler endowment of $8 million dollars is the largest ever. The Butlers had no children of their own but the impact of these simple but industrious farmers continues to be felt today by the City of Deerfield Beach and it’s residents.


Several exhibits will be featured on Museum Day. The early Deerfield Beach will be showcased as well as the history of early farming in Deerfield Beach.

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