The Fitzgerald Museum

919 Felder Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36106 - United States




It is the mission of this Museum and its Board of Directors to preserve and protect the last extant home in which the Fitzgeralds lived as a family; to serve as faithful stewards of the artifacts within its collection; to educate visitors about the lives and legacies of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald; to continue Scott Fitzgerald’s tradition of encouraging neophyte writers by sponsoring writing and author mentoring programs; to honor Zelda Fitzgerald's love of music, dance, and paintings; and to acquire additional artifacts in order to preserve them so that the public may see them, learn the truth about Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s lives, be motivated to read the books and see the artwork, then appreciate the couple’s lasting achievements in the face of tragedy.


The museum has a permanent gallery dedicated to Zelda; it features up to 11 of her original works spanning two decades, from her first paintings on the French Riviera in 1924, to her final pieces at Highland Hospital and in Montgomery in the late 1940's. The dust jacket cover photo was also taken in the Felder home and we have an exhibit that highlights her only novel and is housed in the location of the photo itself.

We now also have a new The Great Gatsby Gallery including a first edition of the novel, playbills and memorabilia from the original 1926 Broadway play and the various The Great Gatsby Films from 1926, 1949, 1978, and 2013.

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