The Buffalo History Museum

One Museum Ct, Buffalo, NY 14216 - United States





The Buffalo History Museum has been Western New York's premier historical organization since 1862. We are the keepers of the authentic stories that make our community unique. Our collections, exhibits, and programs tell the stories of the people, events, and movements that demonstrate Western New York's essential place in shaping American history.


Continuum: A History of Erie County
Created in coordination with Erie County’s bicentennial celebration, Continuum offers a glimpse into our region’s history—a history dating back thousands of years.

Hodinöhsö:ni’ Resurgence: Marie Watt, Calling Back, Calling Forward
Renowned Seneca artist Marie Watt and a co-creative team are testing the possibilities of Indigenous “resurgence,” the action of reestablishing Indigenous power and presence, at our museum

Icons: The Makers and Moments of Buffalo Sports
Icons shares the unique history of Buffalo’s professional sports teams.

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