Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures and Education Center

1809 N Chaparral St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 - United States





The Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures & Education Center was founded by Mrs. Billie Trimble Chandler in the 1960s. A Corpus Christi native, Mrs. Chandler spent many years in Asia teaching and collecting cultural art and artifacts.

Her vision was to create a multicultural education center to increase American understanding and appreciation of Asian culture.

Today the museum is the legacy of her vision and efforts, providing a vast resource of Asian history, artifacts and information.


In addition to our displays of Japanese paper shrines, Hakata dolls and Asian artifacts, we current showcase our main Hakata doll collection in the Goldston Room, as the Hakata Village exhibit.

Throughout the day we will have hands-on lessons on Origami and Calligraphy and discussions on the regional characteristics of a variety of Asian weapons.

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