Surratt House Museum

9118 Brandywine Rd, Clinton, MD 20735 - United States



The Surratt House and Tavern is the oldest building in modern Clinton, Maryland. Constructed in 1852 for John H. Surratt, Sr., and his family, the country tavern gained national notoriety in 1865 for its role in the murder conspiracy of President Abraham Lincoln and the subsequent trial of John Surratt's widow, Mary. The history of the site extends beyond this one event, however. Staff explore the experiences of the Surratt family's eight enslaved individuals during the Antebellum and Civil War years, the impact of Lincoln's murder on Reconstruction, and how emancipation and Jim Crowe Laws shaped the future of not only Clinton, Maryland, but Prince George's County, Southern Maryland, and the Nation as a whole.


Join Surratt House Museum staff for an open house experience and ongoing food ways demonstrations, centered on how Native American, African, and Latino food traditions have shaped food culture in the United States.

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