St. Joseph Museums

3406 Frederick Avenue , St. Joseph, MO 64506 - United States




A fascinating adventure into an exciting display of history awaits you at the St. Joseph Museums. Located 30 minutes from the Kansas City, Missouri, airport, the St. Joseph Museums offer a full schedule of award-winning exhibits that will stir new thoughts and observations about the shaping of history in the Midwest and across the country. You’ll learn unique stories, enjoy unusual visual art, and gain new insight into a variety of areas.

The St. Joseph Museums offer not just one destination for your day trip, but a family of museums with exhibits to captivate visitors: the Glore Psychiatric Museum, American Indian and History Galleries of the St. Joseph Museum, Black Archives Museum, and the Doll Museum are located at 3406 Frederick Avenue, just off of I-29 Highway at exit 47. In Downtown St. Joseph, visit the 1879 Wyeth-Tootle Mansion, 1100 Charles Street.


For Museum Day, the focus will be the American Indian Galleries exhibit, which has been updated to provide context on the natural, cultural, and Native American influences that remain important in the current world.

A great many items in the Gallery are part of the Harry L. George collection. From 1904 to 1923, George amassed one of the largest collections of Native American items in the world at a time when their way of life was dramatically changing. In doing so, he preserved a huge portion of their material culture. He acquired thousands of objects that the Native Americans used and made for trade and kept detailed records on each item. His meticulous research and huge collection allows the Museum to include Native American items from the ten cultural areas of North America. Featured exhibits include pottery, cradleboards, masks, items from the Lakota Nation, and archaeological pieces.

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