San Joaquin County Historical Museum

11793 N. Micke Grove Road, Lodi, CA 95240 - United States




The San Joaquin County Historical Museum reveals the rich heritage of the region, from the Miwok and Yokuts Indians, to the development of modern agriculture and to Charles Weber – the founder of Stockton and the first farmer in the area. Nestled on 18-acres in beautiful Micke Grove Regional Park, the atmosphere and the charm of the Museum encourages friendly family outings, picnic lunches and strolls through our many exhibits and buildings while you gain valuable knowledge of the rich history of San Joaquin County. The Museum offers educational experiences that showcase the county’s traditions of ingenuity, innovation, and invention – with emphasis on San Joaquin County’s singular contributions in agriculture – to promote community pride, continued learning, and an appreciation of regional history among County residents and visitors.


Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers is an exhibit portraying the relationship between flowers and pollinators. The exhibit is based around 70-some photographs of pollinators in wild and garden settings, primarily taken by Northern California plantsman and naturalist, John Whittlesey. These images vividly portray the intriguing lives of many kinds of pollinators. While many people recognize the European honeybee as an important pollinator, Keeping Company with Flowers primarily highlights native pollinators, which play a key role in the ecology of California.

Pollinators: Keeping Company with Flowers aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the incredible beauty and diversity of pollinators in California. Of the 4,000 known bee species in the US, 1,600 occur in California. Through close-up photographs and supplemental materials, this exhibit introduces a diversity of pollinators, the various processes of pollination, the needs of pollinators, the obstacles their populations are facing, and what can and is being done to support them.This exhibit is on view until October 16, 2022.

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