Rochester Museum & Science Center

657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607 - United States



Immerse yourself in the incredible world of science. Follow your curiosity from the depths of the oceans to the edge of the universe. Push the limits of your imagination to create never-before-seen inventions.

Through 200 hands-on exhibits, spectacular shows, and authentic collections, you’ll uncover the wonders of our region, our world, and beyond. Make family memories through themed programs that spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Climb a wall, build robots, zap lasers, launch a catapult, and zoom through space — there’s so much to experience.

Our 1.2 million collection items, many on display and online, are bursting with stories. Reveal Rochester’s rich history of innovation and immerse yourself in the machines, ingenuity, and natural occurrences that formed our world today. Expect to immerse all five senses in extensive experiential learning opportunities. Lifelong learning is our passion, and becoming an astronaut, being a well-informed citizen about this place we call home, or being the next great inventor isn’t simply a dream — you can make it a reality.


We’ll have nearly two dozen exhibits on display, including:

Live Science Shows: Fiery explosions, extreme temperatures, amazing antics and entertaining education live on stage!

Electricity Theater: Featuring two six-foot Tesla coils, this musical electricity show amazes visitors as arcs of lightning light up the theater. Tunes change daily. Our latest addition, the Faraday Cage, let’s you safely get between the coils to see the electricity up close.

Science on a Sphere: Engage in the wonders of our planet and beyond as you enjoy a 3-D experience of land, oceans, atmosphere, and more.

Simulator Rides: Take a virtual journey and enjoy new special simulator rides each month.


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