Ravalli County Museum

205 Bedford Street, Hamilton, MT 59840 - United States





Our Museum is a repository for collections and archived information which intends to conserve, protect, and impart the history of the Bitter Root Valley and Ravalli County. Our dedicated staff and volunteers strive to preserve and present this valued history to the public through exhibits, events, continual research, and educational programs created to share and increase the value of our shared past. Through these means, the importance of our cultural, geographical, and societal stories can be increased and expanded upon.


The Art and History of Quilts
Kids Activities 10:00 - 12:00
Quilts and quilt making are a time honored home staple with a variety of purposes beyond warmth and comfort. Each piece tells a story, and often these special quilts are treasured family heirlooms that pass from generation to generation.

Tools of the Trade
A collection of the myriad of diverse tools from the collection of Bitter Root Valley Residents, Jane and Bob Cron

Bitterroot Valley History
Permanent exhibits including Lewis and Clark's Discovery of the Salish and the Bitter Root Valley, Life in the West, Trappers and Miners, The Bitter Root Valley, Bertie Lord:
Photographer, the One Room Schoolhouse,
and our Natural History displays

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