Pro Football Hall of Fame

2121 George Halas Dr. NW, Canton, OH 44708 - United States





Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame and create unforgettable family memories. Learn about the Legends of the Game in the historic Hall of Fame Gallery and see all 354 Hall of Famer Bronzed Busts. Make the call in our interactive replay booth. Take a photo next to the actual Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl LVI. Witness the Super Bowl like never before in our Super Bowl 55 Theater and see the full collection of all 55 Super Bowl rings.


The NFL's First Century Gallery
The exhibits on the first level present a panoramic view using high-tech interactives and one-of-a-kind artifacts to tell the story of professional football, from its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to the worldwide phenomenon it has become today. The second floor of “The NFL’s First Century” features historical information regarding professional football in several dramatic themes.

Interactive Area and Black College Football Hall of Fame
Current exhibits in this area also feature artifacts from the recent HOF Enshrinement Classes of 2020 and 2021, the Black College Football Hall of Fame, the United States Football League and the history of NFL Sunday Night Football. Daily docent presentations are offered to visitors where they discuss the history of football and show rare artifacts in the Hall of Fame's collection.

Hall of Fame Gallery
Perhaps the most emotional stop during a tour of the Hall is the Hall of Fame Gallery that houses the Bronzed Bust of each of the Hall of Famers currently 354 on display. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about each member of the Hall through touch screen kiosks that include bios, photos, and videos on the inductees.

A Game For Life Theater
This extraordinary cutting edge, multi-sensory immersive theater features holographic representations of Hall of Fame legends Joe Namath, George Halas and Vince Lombardi. The experience provides great inspiration to fans by showing them how the game of football also teaches lessons about life.

Pro Football Today Gallery
The “Pro Football Today Gallery” examines contemporary themes in the NFL. This area is filled with mementos from recent history-making performances including many milestone moments from the current NFL season. Artifacts are continuously placed on display as they added to the Hall’s extensive collection.

Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery
The Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery chronicles, in dramatic fashion, the exciting history of the game from Super Bowl I to present. The gallery uses one-of-a-kind artifacts, exciting game footage and interactive kiosks to help tell the story of how the Super Bowl has become a global phenomena. The Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl LVI is now on display in the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery as well as Super Bowl Championship Rings from all 55 title game winners.

Super Bowl Theater
Super Bowl Theater, a turntable experience, presents the most recent NFL season and Super Bowl in spectacular fashion using the latest technology and the creative works of NFL Films. Super Bowl Theater currently features the 2020 season capped by Super Bowl LV showcasing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

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