Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center

175 Lay Landing Road, King William, VA 23086 - United States




The Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center is a tribal museum in King William, Virginia located on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation. The museum focuses on the Pamunkey Indian Tribe relating to our history and way of life from 12,000 years ago to the present.

The Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center celebrated its grand opening on October 11, 1980. The exhibition spaces highlight the lifeways of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe as the centerpiece of the museum. The museum displays combine replicas with original Native American artifacts donated by Tribal citizens from their family’s personal collections.

The museum also hosts a gift shop where visitors can buy handcrafted items by Pamunkey Tribal members.


The display cabinets begin with information from 12,000 years ago (the Ice Age) and incorporate all archaeological timeframes until modern day. The displays in each cabinet are sub-divided into 4 themes. They are color-coded blue, green, yellow, and red to assist the visitor in understanding the differences within each theme from one era to the next.

The four themes in each era are:
People - the way of life of the Pamunkey
Natural Environment – the environment in which they lived
Settlement – the dwellings in which they lived
Subsistence - the tools they used and how they survived

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