National Scouting Museum - Philmont Scout Ranch

17 Deer Run Road, Cimarron, NM 87714 - United States





Free Everyday

The National Scouting Museum shares the rich history of the Boy Scouts of America with visitors, including the tens of thousands of campers, volunteers, and alumni that visit Philmont Scout Ranch each year. The museum is also home to the Seton Memorial Library with reading and research rooms, a gift shop with jewelry, books, and mementos, two large exhibit halls, and an 88-person conference room.

For decades, the National Scouting Museum has played an important role in preserving and telling the rich story of the Boy Scouts of America and the positive impact Scouting continues to have on youth and families. The museum is committed to preserving the rich, 110-plus-year history of the Scouting movement by collecting, organizing, preserving, and displaying some of Scouting’s greatest treasures, including more than 600,000 artifacts.


Camping gear, uniforms, service projects, and more tell the story of Scouting in Exhibit Hall A. The history of Philmont Scout Ranch and the Great Southwest fill Exhibit Hall B. Study the ranch’s trails and camps on an over-sized, 3-D, topographical map, learn more about an 1850s mud wagon, view southwestern pottery, and learn about the artwork of Ernest Thompson Seton.

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