National Automobile Museum

10 S. Lake Street, Reno, NV 89501 - United States





One of America’s Top 10 Automobile Museums, the National Automobile Museum showcases more than 220 remarkable automobiles. It features theatre presentations and audio tours in English and Spanish through 100,000 square-feet of galleries, exhibits and vibrant street scenes and accompanying artifacts that bring displays to life. The museum is a dynamic and popular venue for special events as intimate as 60 and as large as 1,200 guests. It also features the Nevada Space Center, home of the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada.


Masterpiece Exhibit on Dasher Drive
Since the advent of autos, we’ve pushed the limits speed. See racers from Indy to the treacherous roads of Mexico and witness their stories. View fascinating photos of European racing, 1903 to 1925, by famed Henri Louis Meurisse.

Be the Astronaut
Presented by Nevada Space Center, created by Eureka Exhibits
Gallery Three
World-class exhibit for all ages that teaches science and engineering through video game technology, simulators, artifacts and NASA reconnaissance data. Experience the excitement of spaceflight through interactive simulator pods and much more.

1908 New York to Paris Auto Race
Gallery Four
Featuring the Winning Car: 1907 Thomas Flyer
Remarkable story of man and machine against unimaginable odds in the 1908 New York to Paris race, featuring the winning car, the Museum’s 1907 Thomas Flyer, a 2016 entry in the National Historic Vehicle Register within the Library of Congress.

Bill Harrah 1911-1978: Legendary Collector
Heritage Corner
Story of legendary collector and gaming pioneer Bill Harrah, founder of Harrah’s Automobile Collection, the largest, most significant collection of its time. Discover events that led to its disbursement and the public outcry that saved some of the best and created the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection).

Even in Africa
Entrance Hallway Gallery
Paintings by Reno artist Robert Cinkel depicting Museum autos in intriguing locales, from a starry night in the Nevada desert to India, Egypt and “even in Africa.”

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