Museum of Making Music

5790 Armada Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008 - United States





The museum curates public exhibits that relate to the history of American popular music, the manufacture and retail of musical instruments. The museum’s galleries consist of more than 450 vintage instruments and artifacts on display, hundreds of audio samples of popular music and an area for visitors to interact with a variety of live, hands-on instruments.

The museum also organizes public events, performances and lectures whose purpose is to entertain, educate and inform audiences of the benefits and heritage of making music.


Making, selling, and using musical instruments, products, and equipment: that’s the essence of the music products industry and the heart of the story we present at the Museum of Making Music. It’s a story you’ll find educational and entertaining... and a story that will ignite—or maybe reignite—your own connection to music and music making.

Instruments take center stage at the Museum of Making Music! The core exhibitions explore how and why these instruments develop—who makes them, how we gain access to them, what they sound like in the hands of masters, and how they feel in your own hands!

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