Museum of Geology

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology,501 E. St. Joseph St, Rapid City, SD 57701 - United States




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The Museum of Geology consists of two distinct but interrelated components
The Museum of Geology (public museum): housed on the third floor of O’Harra Hall (the main administrative building for the School of Mines campus), and The Paleontology Research Lab (PRL): a facility that houses the research and collections component of the Museum of Geology.

Many of the collections belonging to the Museum of Geology are of significant interest to researchers and scholars. The Museum is also a popular tourist stop and community resource, introducing kids and adults to a fascinating world of geology and paleontology.


The Museum of Geology sits in the middle of a regional treasure trove of fossils. To the east and south are the Eocene and Oligocene mammals of the White River Formation. Marine reptiles, fish, Fairburn Agates, sharks, and invertebrates litter the shale deposits around the city, and the banks of the Missouri river. To the west are the Jurassic dinosaurs and mammals of Wyoming, and to the north lie fossil plants, dinosaurs, and more from the famous Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation. All of this excellent fossil preservation is combined to form our displays, which span the history of life on Earth, all reflected in the rocks.


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