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We will be celebrating Museum Day on Sunday, September 22nd!

At the Jewish Museum of Maryland, we are storytellers. Our tales will make you question, make you laugh, make you think and feel deeply—no matter who you are—because it is stories that make us human. Through our exhibits and historic synagogues, including the 1845 Lloyd Street Synagogue, the fist synagogue in Maryland (third oldest in the country), we tell the stories of Maryland’s Jewish communities.

Art, Ritual, Community: Our Journey with A Wandering Sukkah
Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 1:00 pm
Speakers: Danielle Durchslag and Ryan Frank

In 2015, artists Danielle Durchslag and Ryan Frank created A Wandering Sukkah, a colorful, skyscraper-inspired sukkah for all New Yorkers, installed on the back of a pickup truck that toured the five boroughs of New York City during Sukkot. Over 700 New Yorkers of all backgrounds experienced A Wandering Sukkah at ten different locations across the city. Hosts included the Jewish Museum, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and the Hindu Society of North America. A Wandering Sukkah received press from both Jewish and secular publications, including The New York Observer, Hyperallergic, and The Forward.

This fall Durchslag and Frank, a Jew and non-Jew, will visit the Baltimore Jewish Museum to discuss their experience of creating and sharing A Wandering Sukkah with New York City. The artists will discuss the myriad responses to the structure, exploring how people ranging from the completely uninitiated to the ultra-orthodox regarded and interacted with the project. The artists will discuss what lead them to create this singular installation, and share photos and video from their Wandering Sukkah journey. Durchslag and Frank will talk about the impacts of the project on their relationships to ritual and their individual art practices.



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