Iroquois Indian Museum

Iroquois Indian Museum

324 Caverns Road, Howes Cave, NY 12092 - United States





The Iroquois Indian Museum building is a work of art designed in the shape and spirit of the longhouses that once graced the valleys of upstate New York. Archeology exhibits focus on the ancestors of the Iroquois from 10,000 years ago until European contact.

History exhibits highlight the men’s realm of hunting, warfare, chieftainships, and games and the women’s realm of the longhouse, the clans, the crops, and politics. The Museum represents the world’s most comprehensive collection of modern Iroquois art work. This collection celebrates the ancient unity of the Iroquois still expressed in the creative spirit of today’s artists.


“Treasured Traditions: A Statement of Place” introduces five Iroquois communities and showcases five actively practiced visual art forms that define, express, and reinforce their distinct community and cultural identities. Includes Iroquois pottery, beadwork, stone carving, quilting, and ash splint basketry. Artists represented in the exhibit include: Bryan Printup, Grant Jonathan, Rosemary Hill, Penny Hudson, Mary Clause, Penny Minner, Jennifer Stevens, Brenda John, Rose Kerstetter, Ken Metoxen, Coleen Bins, Vince Bomberry, Craig Longboat, Ron Curley, Sheree Bonaparte, Beverly Cook, Crystal Henry, and others.


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