Imagine Museum

1901 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33713 - United States




Comprehensive Survey of Contemporary Glass Art - 1960s to present

The Imagine Museum has access to the Trish Joy Collection of over 1,500 contemporary National and International glass art works representing the finest artists working with the material of glass in the world. At any given time, our Museum displays approximately 500 of these works in curated exhibitions. During your visit, you will find exhibitions that demonstrate the history of the American Studio Glass Movement, galleries that showcase individual artists who have made their mark in the art field, as well as galleries that take you through various themes relating to the magical properties of glass. Imagine Museum invites you to visit over and over again as we strive to bring to our audience the “best of the best” glass art in the world today.


The collection on the first floor was curated by Corey Hampson, President of Habatat Galleries. Located in Royal Oaks, Michigan, Habatat Galleries is one of the largest glass art galleries in the United States. Hampson and his team worked with the museum’s benefactor to select artists and artwork that best represented the history of the American Studio Glass movement. The artwork on display does not include the entire collection; but rather selections that communicate the history of glass in the United States, and how the worldwide exchange of techniques, processes and concepts contributed to the ongoing story of American studio glass. As we move forward, more exhibitions will be curated from the collection, further continuing the investigation and interpretation of the medium and its contemporary context.

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