Hudson River Maritime Museum

50 Rondout Landing, Kingston, NY 12401 - United States




Located on the historic Rondout waterfront, the Hudson River Maritime Museum was established in 1979 to collect, preserve, research, exhibit, and interpret a collection of historical artifacts related to the maritime heritage of the Hudson River and its tributaries. This is the only museum in New York State exclusively dedicated to this mission.

The Hudson River Maritime Museum also operates a Wooden Boat School, Sailing, and Rowing Schools from its campus along Rondout Creek. It provides tours of the Rondout Lighthouse and Esopus Meadows Lighthouse, the industrial history of the waterfront, and more aboard its 100% solar powered tour boat Solaris.


A New Age of Sail: The History and Future of Sail Freight on the Hudson River

The Hudson River is uniquely suited to sail freight – with its tidal forces, deep harbors, wide reaches, and dense population, along with the extraordinary Port of New York, the valley was settled in large part due to this capability. But in the 20th century, as automobiles, trucks, and airplanes took over as primary passenger and freight transportation, most communities turned their backs to the Hudson. This is starting to change, but the Hudson Valley also faces unique challenges from climate change. “A New Age of Sail” will consider how the lessons of the past might inform the future, and what role the Hudson River and its waterfront communities might play in future sail freight endeavors and the effort to combat climate change.

As communities up and down the Hudson River consider and reconsider their waterfronts, the challenges of climate change, and how their residents interact with the river, we hope “A New Age of Sail” will help them not only better understand their communities’ historical connections to the river, but also consider new possibilities for what the future might hold.

Warning Signs: Climate Change in the Hudson Valley Exhibit

This new permanent exhibit at the Hudson River Maritime Museum examines the science and history behind climate change and how it has affected and will continue to affect the Hudson River Valley. The exhibit includes several hands-on activities and interactive models for better understanding the challenges presented by climate change and what communities and individuals can do to combat this threat to humankind.

- Rondout Lighthouse Tours - Visit the historic 1905 Rondout Lighthouse, one of the last seven sentinels on the river
- Wrecked & Abandoned - Tours of Shipwrecks in the Hudson River
- Sunset Cruise - Take an evening cruise of the river and watch the sun set over the Hudson
All tours take place aboard the 100% solar-powered tour boat Solaris. Built by the Hudson River Maritime Museum’s restoration crew under the direction of Jim Kricker, this vessel is the only solar-powered boat in operation on the Hudson River. It does not require fossil fuels to operate.

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