Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site

5696 Monument Hill Road, Hubbardton, VT 05633 - United States




The Hubbardton Battlefield is the site of the only Revolutionary War battle fought in Vermont -- on July 7, 1777. The Americans fought a successful rear guard action. The British retained the field. The battlefield is considered to have one of the best-preserved historic settings.

An exhibit, including a narrated fiber optic map, in the small museum center examines the significance of this 1777 military action against the British. An interpretive walking trail goes around the battlefield.


Hubbardton Battle: American Rebels Stem the Tide, July 7, 1777
This permanent exhibit tells the story of the Battle of Hubbardton and places it in its context of the Revolutionary War. It features period artifacts and a large three-dimensional fiber optic map with accompanying narration offering a vivid account of the progress of the battle. A diorama by Vermont artist Paul V. Winter depicts the early stage of the battle.


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