How Do You See the World?

210 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 - United States



"How Do You See the World?" features compelling stories about global progress—how individuals worldwide have overcome challenges and found hope. Located on the Christian Science Plaza, the space encourages you to reflect on this question while exploring the interactive exhibits.


Find a montage of photos from the pages of The Christian Science Monitor as soon as you enter the Christian Science Publishing House. This neoclassical building, constructed in 1934, once housed printing and bindery equipment to produce the Monitor newspaper and other periodicals.

Begin your tour, and see the world from a new perspective, when you step inside the Mapparium globe. You'll walk across a bridge through the three-story, stained-glass globe—enhanced with music, audio narration, and a light show.

Afterwards, look deeper into humanity’s advancement since 1935 with stories from The Christian Science Monitor that illustrate humanity’s progress and share stories about individuals who have made a positive impact in their global communities.

You can also learn about the woman who founded The Christian Science Monitor and the Christian Science church—Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910). Eddy was one of the most influential women of her day, overcoming great adversity. Explore her lifelong love of the Bible and its ongoing relevance and application to today’s universal questions.

Each exhibit space in "How Do You See the World?" comes alive with custom-composed musical scores, multimedia tables, interactive projection-mapped displays, historical artifacts, and more.

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