Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum

40180 Highway 82, Aspen, CO 81611 - United States





The Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum explores the industrial and agricultural history of the Aspen area. From mining to railways to ranching, the past comes alive at this pastoral museum that sits on the site of the largest industrial complex in the history of Pitkin County, the Holden Lixiviation Works. The museum building is the last remnant of "The Works," which was built in 1891 and processed ore into silver for a few short years before the Sherman Silver Purchase Act demonetized silver. Following the silver crash, the property was operated as a ranch until the mid-1900s. The historic Zupancis cabins were recently moved to the property and are being renovated to provide additional interpretive sites. Today, guests can walk through years of mining and ranching history and see mining and ranching machinery in operation.


The museum exhibits and machinery explore the late 1800s mining history and early 1900s ranching story in Aspen. Guests can walk through years of mining and ranching history and see machinery demonstrations including a steam-powered pulley in action.

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