Historic Sandusky

757 Sandusky Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502 - United States





Historic Sandusky is a historic house museum focused on the American Civil War and the Battle of Lynchburg. Sandusky was built by Charles Johnston ca. 1808 and was used a Union headquarters during the Battle of Lynchburg July 17 and 18, 1864.


The Battle of Lynchburg occurred June 17-18, 1864 as part of the Lynchburg Campaign under the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. During the battle Union forces under the command of General David Hunter attempted to capture the city of Lynchburg but, believing the Confederate forces to be too strong, turned back.

While attempting to take Lynchburg, Union forces commandeered Sandusky and used it as Union Headquarters. The residents of Sandusky, the Hutter family remained while the Union soldiers occupied the house.


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