Gomez Mill House

11 Mill House Road, Marlboro, NY 12542 - United States




The Gomez Mill House and Dard Hunter Mill, is an internationally significant historic site and museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places and chartered by the NYS Board of Regents. The House is the oldest standing Jewish-built dwelling in North America, featuring guided tours and programs about the former owners’ contributions to the multicultural history of the Hudson River Valley and beyond.


In 1714, Early American Jewish leader, Luis Moses Gomez, purchased 1,000 acres in Newburgh New York and subsequently, with his two sons Jacob and Daniel, accumulated a total of 4,000 acres. There he built a fieldstone blockhouse to conduct trade and maintain provisions in the Mid-Hudson region as an extension of his successful enterprises in Colonial New York. From these roots and through 300 years of American history, Gomez Mill House evolved as home to American Revolutionary-era patriot and Orange County civic leader, Wolvert Ecker; 19th century gentleman farmer and horticulturalist, William Henry Armstrong; Arts & Crafts movement papermaker and paper historian Dard Hunter; and early 20th century social activist, Martha Gruening.

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