Garst Museum & The National Annie Oakley Center

205 North Broadway, Greenville, OH 45331 - United States





Garst Museum is a six building museum complex offering over 35,000 square feet of exhibit space and housing over 300,000 artifacts. The museum offers three collections of national significance: The Signing of the Treaty of GreeneVille in 1795 [Crossroads of Destiny], Annie Oakley, and Lowell Thomas [Lowell With Lawrence and Beyond]. Other areas of interest in the museum are a large military collection [Keepers of Freedom] with artifacts dating from The War of 1812, the Village wing, the Pioneer wing and The Darke County Research and Genealogy Center.


Crossroads of Destiny
Prehistoric era — 1795
Crossroads of Destiny is a stunning exhibit telling the history of the Treaty of Greene Ville. Greene Ville was the largest stockaded fort ever built in North America and it was the scene of the most significant American Indian treaty ever negotiated. The Treaty of Greene Ville of 1795 opened the door to the settlement of the Midwest and resulted in Ohio statehood eight years later. The Treaty also ended forty years of conflict over the upper Ohio Valley.

Annie Oakley
1860 — 1926
You may be surprised as you discover Annie’s true personality. Unlike Hollywood’s image of a wild west, rough and tumble tomboy, Annie was a petite woman who loved lace, silver, beautiful furnishings and elegant clothing. Blessed with physical athleticism she excelled in a man’s world and never forgot her roots in Darke County, Ohio.

Lowell With Lawrence & Beyond
1892 — 1981
The Lowell Thomas exhibit is filled with numerous photos of historic figures Lowell Thomas met, interviewed, and befriended during his world wide travels and career (especially Lawrence of Arabia). Lowell Thomas was born in Woodington, Ohio on April 6, 1892 to Harry and Harriet Wagner Thomas, but his family’s local roots existed far before that date.

Keepers of Freedom
1812 — Present
The Keepers of Freedom exhibit features artifacts and uniforms of Darke County veterans from every American conflict including the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the war in Iraq.

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