Clinton Academy Museum

151 Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937 - United States




Free Everyday

The East Hampton Historical Society is happen to have Clinton Academy Museum participate in Museum Day 2019!

The East Hampton Historical Society is the parent organization for a complex of seven museums, national landmark historic sites and workshop facilities of both local and national importance: The Thomas & Mary Nimmo Moran Studio, Clinton Academy, Osborn-Jackson House, Town House, Hook Schoolhouse, Mulford Farm, and the East Hampton Town Marine Museum. Only the Clinton Academy is able to participate in Museum Day 2018.

Museum Day visitors are welcome to see, Finding the Way: Histric Maps of the South Fork at our Clinton Academy Museum,151 Main Street, East Hampton, NY


Finding the Way: Antique Maps of the South Fork

The oldest map yet discovered is from the 5th century BC and is Babylonian. We have always needed guidance to find our way from here to there. “The New Yorker” magazine has for years created cartoons portraying summer people lost on the back roads of New England, stopping and asking directions of an aged Yankee who has them taking a left after Widow Wickham’s second red barn. The magazine’s best mapping joke is likely a preppy duo in a smart MG sitting in the middle of a stream. The wife looks at her perplexed mate and says, “You should have told me the blue lines on the map are water.”
We have brought together an assemblage of printed, photographed and hand-drawn maps that date from 1722 to the mid-20th century. From whalers off the coast of Gardiner’s Island to East Hampton Village plat-maps, if you enjoy following routes via an atlas, you will find this exhibition fun and enlightening. If you have only experienced GPS, come down a find out have your grandmother found her way to Greenport.


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