Delphos Canal Commission Museum

241 North Main Street, Delphos, OH 45833 - United States




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The Delphos Canal Commission Museums chronicles the history of Delphos, Northwest Ohio and the Miami and Erie Canal.

Located in downtown Delphos, the Museum features three floors and 17,000 square feet of historical artifacts and education. Exhibits begin with artifacts from the local Indian tribes and continue with the first settlers in 1842. Progress in draining and farming the Great Black Swamp and the construction of the Miami and Erie Canal is explained. The subsequent rise of the railroad and Delphos key role in the narrow gauge railroad is highlighted. Delphos place on the historic Lincoln Highway and its place in the history of flight and astronomy is also highlighted.

Favorite exhibits include the recovered hull of the 19th century Canal Boat Marguerite; 1902 Sears car; Wedding dress display; Leslie C. Peltier, world's most famous non-professional astronomer; Ida Holdgreve, America's first female aerospace worker; one room school; log cabin; military room and railroad display.


Canal Boat Marguerite: authentic remains of a mid-19th century canal boat excavated from the bed of the Miami and Erie Canal in Delphos in 1987.

Leslie C. Peltier: display on life of Delphos native who was proclaimed "world's greatest non-professional astronomer" by Harvard Observatory's Harlow Shapley. Peltier discovered twelve comets, three novaes and made 132,000 variable star observations.

Delphos native Ida Holddgreve, America's first female aerospace worker, who sewed wing and fuselage coverings for the Wright Brothers airplane factory in Dayton, Ohio. Holdgreve was featured in Smithsonian Magazine in March 2021.

Touch Me displays: displays with a "Green Hand" invite visitors to touch. Displays include a typewriter, adding machine and player piano.

Military room: chronicles Delphos participation in US military conflicts from the Civil War to the current Middle East conflicts. Highlighted is Avery Brown, allegedly the youngest enlisted soldier in the Civil War, enlisting at age 8 years, 11 months and 13 days.

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